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Miele Complete C3 Pure Suction Homecare Canister Vacuum

Visit us for a Free in-store Demo

Miele Complete C3 Pure Suction Homecare Canister Vacuum

Visit us for a Free in-store Demo
C3 Pure Suction Homecare

Product Description

The Complete C3 Pure Suction Homecare is a 6-setting, multi-purpose vacuum cleaner ready to tackle the big messes as well as routine cleaning. It’s lightweight and easily storable, but powerful enough to be a home’s only vacuum cleaner. 

Adjust the level of suction to suit your current needs. Scale it down for simple tasks, or ramp it up to make full use of the 1,200–watt Miele-Made Vortex Motor™. The Miele HomeCare vacuum is a powerful canister vacuum built to suck up every speck of dirt in your home with no hassle. 

It’s all there in the name. The Complete C3 Pure Suction HomeCare is your one-stop, complete vacuum. It’s built to handle hard and carpeted floors, and excels on the smooth, delicate floorings that other vacuums damage. It’s Type GN FilterBag™ holds 4.76 quarts, letting you get a full spring clean in before it’s time to change the bag. 

The Complete C3 Pure Suction Homecare is compatible with four useful attachments that extend its cleaning power to every surface in your home. These integrated tools make the HomeCare ideally suited for cleaning every room in the house. 

Classic Floor Tool

The SBD 285-3 Classic combination floor tool lets your HomeCare vacuum make the leap from hard to soft flooring with ease. Simply tap a button and the extension tool switches between smooth bristles and velvet. The smooth bristles are strong enough to scour even the toughest floors, and the softer velvet setting is pliant enough to pull dirt from carpets with ease.  

Easily maneuver around furniture and tight corners with the SBD 285-3’s moveable neck. This floor tool can swivel a full 360 degrees, eliminating the need for tiresome couch moving. Simply vacuum behind and under your furniture without any pushing or pulling. Your back will thank you later. The SBD 285-3 allows you to utilize the full cleaning power of your HomeCare vacuum without sacrificing moveability. With this tool, sweeping and vacuuming can find their home in one device. 

Parquet Twister Brush

For really fine hard floor surfaces, the Parquet Twister Brush helps you get a perfect clean without any damage to the flooring. This tool is safe for everything from the smoothest wood floor to the most sensitive tile. It won’t leave scratches, dents or skidmarks. The light bristles brush dirt and debris up into the vacuum without scratching.or aggravating the floor’s material. 

The Parquet Twister Brush has precisely spaced bristles that offer just enough space for maximum airflow between them. This helps the vacuum maintain its strong suction to keep dirt from escaping its path. The Parquet Twister Brush is 12 inches wide, offering a fast clean for even the largest rooms. 

Extendable Flexible Crevice Tool

Many areas of your home hide dirt and debris where you can’t immediately see it. But just because it isn’t visible, doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Protect yourself from allergens and other irritants by achieving a truly complete clean. The SFD 20 Extendable Flexible Crevice Tool can hunt down dirt no matter where in your home it hides. Thin and long enough to reach behind the couch and flexible enough to bend behind the fridge, this tool can help you achieve a truly deep clean. Gentle on upholstery, the Crevice Tool can also suck up everything that falls between the couch cushions. 

Many crevice tool add-ons are flimsy, but the Extendable Flexible Crevice Tool is built from durable plastics, and is sturdy enough to last the life of your vacuum cleaner. 

Flexible Universal Brush

The modern update of the feather duster. The SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush is how you bring the suction power of your HomeCare vacuum to those high, hard to reach places like bookshelves, mantles and ceiling fans. The powerful yet gentle brush is soft enough to be used on artwork or sculptures, but still sucks up debris with ease. 

The SUB 20 is flexible enough to swivel a full 360 degrees in two separate places, making it indispensable for cleaning those intricate places. Don’t bother digging out dusters or rags, because the Complete C3 Pure Suction HomeCare can take their place. 

Other features

The one-touch cable rewind makes putting this vacuum away as easy as using it. No more tripping on over-extended cords or battling with tangled cords. When fully extended, this vacuum has a cleaning radius of 36 feet, allowing you to clean most rooms without having to pause and change outlets.  

The Complete C3 Pure Suction HomeCare runs on an exclusive Miele AirClean Sealed System, so dirt and grime stays in the vacuum bag, and not your lungs. This vacuum also utilizes a HEPA AirClean filter, so you can breathe easy. 

Vacuum canister comes in a suave autumn red with black attachments.




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